We specialize in transporting cargo on the Poland – Ireland – Poland route. We provide our services with the use of a modern fleet, comprising a total of 65 transportation units. Millions of kilometers covered, helped us to get to know routes to Ireland perfectly. As a result we are able to complete assignments entrusted to us with unparalleled time precision. What is important, depending on the Client’s needs we carry out the transportation of cargo on two transit routes:

  • through Great Britain, following the T2 transit procedure, which allows us to reduce the transportation time and to decrease the delivery costs; within this option we also provide a comprehensive customs management,
  • direct from continental Europe to Ireland.

Brexit under full control

The work of a companionate team of drivers and logistics specialists is key in ensuring the continuity of supply chains. This happens with a continuous support of advanced systems integrated with the newest TMS, facilitating planning and monitoring of cargo.

What is important, we analyze and adapt to dynamic changes happening in the TSL industry on a daily basis. That is why we guarantee a constant and uninterrupted service for supply chains regardless of the legal environment. It is worth stressing here that even changes forced by Brexit did not affect in any way the continuity of our services.


We transport all kinds of haulage-worthy loads using mega curtain side trailers such as e.g.:

  • full truck loads,
  • part loads / break-bulk cargo
  • oversize loads,
  • neutral and dangerous goods (ADR).


Are you looking for a tried and tested partner in transportation going from Poland to Ireland and back? Feel free to contact us and submit a quote request.